In the beginning there where no industrial robots or gantries and many control systems were pneumatic. The first electric robot was designed in 1973. EWAB installed the first PLC control system in 1978. Gantries saw daylight during the early 80's

EWAB Engineering have during 40 years pioneered almost every modern technique used in automation and invented many of the designs used in the conveying business today. In early 1980 we made a strategic decision to focus on the most challenging market there is - large conveying automation projects to the automotive industry.

We have over the years seen the trends and fashions. Some died fast, others have remained while most have changed name over the years. There was the Lightless Factory, Flexible Manufacturing System - FMS, Flexible Assembly System - FAS, Agile manufacturing, JIT, TQM, TPS, Lean and so on. Lean Manufacturing have moved to the shadows and Theory of Constraints which is the most powerfull have not been embraced.

Lately "Indusry 4.0" have become the buzz word.

We supply Flow Technology and conveying automation all over the world through our 10 Project Centers which perform every part of the process from inquiry to run-off and final documentation.

EWAB Engineering has 40 years of an unmatched track record in the Flow Technology and Conveying Automation business