A unique organization

We are around 260 employees organized in 14 Project Centers in 12 Countries on 4 Continents. carrying out over 1000 projects per year, from stand alone machine loading buffers to multi-million €/$ manufacturing line projects. Our supply chain is somewhat different from most companies with a "Sell-Buy-Build-Install" supply chain involving a total of 500+ people when we include our producing partners. The yearly revenue for the EWAB Group is around 60M€

Shared projects

Multi-million €/$ projects are managed by EWAB International and executed as Shared Projects meaning that we will use our agile project methods and tools to use selected Project Center resources in the most effective way for each case.

System Solutions Platform

Based on our automation equipment System Solutions Platforms, we will customize a system that will connect Your Production Resources and manage Your Material Flow in the best possible way applying EWAB Power of Simplicity®

The level of sophistication is a function of Your Production Strategy, Production Volume, TCO, OEE and Pay-back Requirements.

You will meet our Sales Professionals that understand your Production Strategy as well as your buying process and can help you to defined your needs to find the most effective system architecture and configuration.

Our Project Managers will take the driver seat after a business agreement is reached and coordinate all players involved, including your own people as well as co-supplier people.

How we build Your EWAB System