Assembly lines

Powered transport for assembly lines

EWAB has helped many companies to go from ‘Bench top’ assembly or semi-automated lines,
to a modern, state of the art – automated flow line with powered transport

There are many reasons to start with powered transport in your assembly line.


Brings value to your assembly line

Better ergonomics for workers
Assembly - Standardized interface to cobots
Assembly - Less work in progress
Grow step by step

Utilizing an EWAB system in your assembly line offers numerous advantages.

Firstly, it significantly improves ergonomics for workers, especially in tasks involving heavy lifting and repetitive movements.

The powered transportation ensures not only the quality and reliability of the line but also its continuous operation without downtime.

Furthermore, you’ll experience an enhanced flow of parts through the line, coupled with a reduction in the volume of work in progress.

This automatic transport system also streamlines processes at each workstation, making the overall production more efficient and effective. These benefits collectively contribute to a more productive and worker-friendly environment.

The most common EWAB carriers to use are CS200 (medium) and CS900 (large)

They have compact design and can distribute the weight over the aluminium profile. 

Takt-times are usually in the range of 10-15 sec and up to several minutes.

Case - 40% raise in production

Automatic transport and streamlining the processes at each workstation gave an increase of 40% in production.

A streetlamp manufacturer invested in an EWAB assembly solution. In this case operators and Cobots are working side by side.

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