Cobot integration

Add Cobots to your production line

A cobot integration in manufacturing is mainly used for loading & unloading parts on the conveyor system. 

A cobot can also be used for repetitive tasks in an assembly line, where humans and cobot can work side by side.  

We have experience from many different automation projects and the EWAB lines have standardized interfaces to cobots and robots.

Explore the versatility of a collaborative robot for efficient part handling, assembly line automation, and seamless integration with EWAB line

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Cobot in manufacturing

Cobots in Manufacturing

– Loading & unloading the conveyor

– Workpiece handling

– Quality control

– Palletizing

Cobots in Assembly lines

– Cobots for repetitive tasks

– Loading/Unloading

– Cobots & humans working side by side

Experience from projects with ABB Collaborative robots, Fanuc CRX, KUKA cobots and Universal Robots.  

We mostly use the cobot for loading the inspection operation or the EWAB system solution.

Cobot and conveyor

Quality control operation. The cobot place the part and then put it back on the workpiece carrier, or at the reject line if rejected in the test-station.

Cobot operations

Streetlamp assembling for a customer in Europe. Humans and cobots working side by side at the  line.