Smart Connected Services

The future is connected

Embrace your digitalisation journey and transform and elevate your production environment.

The Smart Connected Services is a strategic move that gives you deeper insights into the throughput of parts within your production process. Nevertheless, this data revolution gives you more than just streamlining operations;

You can uncover hidden constraints and enable predictive maintenance, saving both time and costs for your company.

Whenever you connecting your EWAB system, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your production line’s dynamics.

Visualize, get data reports and monitor line performance.


Get data from your conveyor system

Monitor line performance to have transparency of current production performance.


Performance overview

Get monthly data reports to identify hidden constraints, idle time of machines and Cycle time per operation.

Predictive Maintenance

Connect your conveyor

EWAB smart connected services will highlight bottlenecks, micro stops and predict when components needs to be replaced.

IIoT Ready

Smart connected services in manufacturing

All our systems can be IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) ready at delivery. Connect your system.

Connect your EWAB system

This EWAB smart connected service allows you to visualize workflows, access detailed data reports, and monitor line performance. 

Moreover, it facilitates proactive decision-making, enhances process optimization, and improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

The data gathered can be used to make strategic decisions, leading to a more efficient, responsive, and adaptable production environment. 

Embrace this digital journey with EWAB to not only see what’s happening in your production line but also to anticipate and respond effectively to future challenges and opportunities, ensuring a competitive edge in an increasingly digital industrial landscape.

Tell us about your challenges and let us be the support you need to get a better understanding of the production system.