EWAB Engineering was one of the pioneers at the dawn of industrial automation in the early 1970's - soon 50 years ago!

We have seen many industrial trends come and go, while at the core it's effectivity, efficiency and reliability that counts.

1970 EWAB Sweden
1970 Invents the EWAB Chain
1970 Invents the Serpentine (a.k.a. Alpine)
1970 Pioneer high speed production in the glass bottle manufacturing
1972 Pioneer plastic chain conveyors in automotive industry
1973 Pioneer flexible production in paint industry
1973 Pioneer buffers and high speed production in coffee industry
1975 EWAB chain becomes world standard (a.k.a. Rex 1700 series)
1975 Pioneer high speed production in paper tissue industry
1975 EWAB Switzerland
1976 Pioneer pallet conveyor design in automotive industry
1978 Invents the EWAB Pallet System
1977 First PLC control system
1978 Focus on the automotive industry

1980 EWAB Germany
1981 EWAB Italy
1983 Decentralized control system concept
1983 Invents the Highway / Satellite concept
1984 Invents the flexible/multiple flow principles
1984 Electronic coding / RF tags
1985 Invents the EWAB Carrier System 900
1985 Invents the Buffer Brake
1986 Meeting with E. Goldratt
1986 EWAB UK
1989 Washing machine integration
1989 Build test lab facility to study chain and conveyor designs.

1990 Invents the No Noise chain
1990 EWAB France
1990 EWAB Spain
1991 Meeting with J. Juran
1991 Gantry integration
1991 Factory flow simulation
1994 Invents the Sequra chain
1995 CE marking of all EWAB systems
1995 Robot integration
1996 ISO 9001
1997 First Simultaneous Engineering Contract
1997 Invents loading of vertical turning machines
1998 Key supplier in world engine program
1999 Key supplier in world transmission program

2001 Preprogrammed modular control system
2003 Development of Carrier System 200
2005 Invents the heavy duty Carrier System 2000
2006 Part traceability and interfacing to SAP
2008 Drag and Drop Robot cells
2009 EWAB Argentina
2009 EWAB Germany South

2010 Strengthening competence and organization for Global projects
2011 EWAB University is established
2012 EWAB China Sales Office
2013 EWAB China Service
2013 EWAB Brazil Sales and Service point
2014 Expanding R&D investments
2014 Electrification of actuators.
2017 EWAB China Expansion
2017 EWAB Mexico expanded presence