Engineered for Performance

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In the early 70's we built kilometers of marshalling systems for Glass Bottle manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia, South Africa. Australia. New Zealand.

At a speed of 200 bottles per minute, you don't want anything to go wrong. Anything less than 100% availability and uptime were unthinkable.

We still build all our systems with the same performance also with the higher degree of sophistication required in the automotive and other modern industries!

A material flow designed by EWAB is never the constraint of your output, your constraints lies only in your manufacturing operations.

Equipped for Simplicity

Our systems are in themselves showing you how the material flow performs and where in the line you may have machines down or other constraints. It's just a matter to know what to look for.

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Collecting Production data for Material Flow Management

The flow of material creates the production data you need to have live OEE data and measurements.

Sending that data upstream

Through a data interface the OEE data is made available to the Factory Network and Industry 4.0 | Smart Factory Automation Systems. - if you still need it!