The history of EWAB

Original Inventor est. 1970

The story of EWAB Engineering started in the early 70´s when we built miles of systems for the Glass Bottle manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

At the speed of 200 bottles per minute, you don´t want anything to go wrong. Anything less than 100 percent availability and up-time was unthinkable.

Decades later we still build our system solutions with the same performance, also with the higher degree of sophistication that is required in the automotive and other modern industries. 

Altogether we have helped the automotive industry to automate their production processes and today the innovative EWAB conveyor are in many places called; EWAB type of conveyor. It’s a recognition of hard and focused work to achieve goals and results for satisfied customers all over the world.

A material flow system designed and built by EWAB is never the constraint of your output. You will be free to fully focus on your manufacturing operations.

Industrial automation needs to be safe, smart and reliable.

The EWAB saga

Installed 1977 - still doing what it`s supposed to.

Knäckebröd on an EWAB line


Evidently, we invented the serpentine conveyor, a.k.a the Alpine Highway in the 1970´s.
It revolutionized production control and was a technically advanced method for the transportation of products. 

Accordingly, it works like a railroad switch-yard and product flow can be switched into different tracks, leading to the desired stations.

Barilla products on an EWAB line


It worked perfectly for overcrowded environments where floor space was an issue. The Serpentine System made it possible to “lift” the product flow from one floor level to another, thus achieving optimum use of plant space.

It increased production capacity without costly plant extensions.

Serpentine conveyor from the 80´s

Return on investment

50 years ago we sold a few of this Serpentine Systems to a Swedish company called Wasabröd, part of the Barilla Group. They are the biggest crispbread baker in the world selling its products in 40 countries all over the world. All of our systems are still in full production.
That´s what we call a good return on investment!

Innovation over decades

1970 – EWAB Sweden
was established.
Invents the EWAB Chain.
Invents the serpentine conveyor.
Pioneer in high speed glass bottle manufacturing.


Invents the EWAB Pallet System.
Focus on the Automotive Industry.


Invents the Highway/Satellite concept.
Invents the flexible/multiple flow principles.

Invents the EWAB Carrier system 900.
Invents the Buffer Brake.

Builds our own test lab facility
to study chain and conveyor designs.

CE marking of all EWAB conveyor systems.
Robot Integrations starts.

Key supplier in world engine program.
Key supplier in world transmission program.

Development of Carrier System 200.
Invents the heavy duty Carrier System 2000.