Project Management

– For successful automation projects

What is your experience from complex automation projects that involves several suppliers and internal and external people?

As an experienced partner in automation, we’ve garnered valuable insights over the years, emphasizing the crucial role of Project Management and Coordination in the success of customer projects. Beyond the realms of hardware and software, a project is a convergence of individuals working collaboratively to achieve remarkable outcomes.

traverse the factory floor

EWAB – The Coordinator in projects

Basically, the intralogistics solutions we design and build traverse different operations, machines and special equipment in the production’s facility. As machines and special equipment often are in place during implementation of a new project, we know that there are many people that can be involved to solve the puzzle.

However, to accomplish this task, we have over the years-built experience and knowledge regarding the importance of coordination and communication in automation projects.

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A project-oriented organization

In delivering automation solutions that seamlessly integrate across machines and diverse operations, we need a proactive approach, collaboration in teams and to be skilled in coordination between OEM´s, different stakeholders, and the customer. 

Overall, this is precisely why our organizational structure is project-oriented, with dedicated Project Managers at the helm.

Nevertheless, communication across borders bring us forward.

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Robot automation and processing machines
People in automation

Bringing value to the projects

As an experienced partner we have learned that automation projects extends beyond mere hardware and software. We have established connections and built knowledge on navigating each step of the process. 

For this reason, we acknowledge that the enhanced value we bring to projects arises from our active engagement and seamless coordination among participants, suppliers, and stakeholders.

People and automation.
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