Agile production seminars

Seminar content

Production flow principles
Ensure maximum output
Bottleneck protection
The backbone principal
The usage of a buffer
Autonomous system
World class OEE


Learn how the right solutions can create maximum throughput, and the shortest lead time with less work-in-process in your manufacturing line. The agile production seminars is a good start for improvements in production.

In our EWAB flow seminar you will get a better understanding how a proper workpiece flow in production will help to achieve operational excellence. Bottleneck protection. Drum, rope and buffer principles. Lean, KanBan, ConWIP theories.

The target group is the project investment team, managers and decision makers.

1-2 days seminar.



What is the most efficient way to connect machines in manufacturing?

How to use a buffer in a production line?

How can I ensure maximum output?

What is bottleneck protection and how can I use it in my operations?

So many principles and theories, how do we choose the right ones?


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Is the Agile Production Seminar appealing to you?

In this video you can learn more about Agile production systems based on simplicity, incorporating concepts like Theory of Constraints and drum-buffer-rope

It´s a recording session made by Philip Marris at Marris Consulting.

 “The primary objective of operations is to improve flow

– Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt