Conveyor systems

Pallet conveyor systems

The EWAB pallet conveyor system is using pallets to transport workpieces between operations in manufacturing.

For decades, it’s been demonstrated that transporting pallets via friction on plastic chains
 is the most efficient method for connecting machines.

A modular and customized innovation that can be designed
from effective single cell solutions to fully automated multi process flow systems.

The workpiece carrier system gives you high performance, less WIP and a higher margin per workpiece. 

Trusted by manufacturers worldwide

Products in machining

Flexible flow lines

Flexible flow or Autonomous conveyor system.

  • Multi process flow system
  • Material is distributed on the pallet conveyor system between all operations automatically
  • From anywhere to anywhere
  • The flow is balanced, not the capacity
  • Several products in mixed flows possible
  • System output is optimized (pull)
  • Dynamic buffers
  • Layout based on highways and satellites
  • Shortest possible throughput time
  • Modular and reconfigurable solution.
  • With RFID seamless parts traceability

Continuous flow lines

For serial & parallel operations.
Automated conveyor system used in both assembly and manufacturing.

  • Material is distributed on the conveyor system between all operations automatically
  • Material can be guided instead of autonomous
  • Operations in sequence
  • The capacity is often balanced
  • Buffers necessary between operations
  • Modular and reconfigurable solution.
  • With RFID seamless parts traceability

Machine buffer loops

This conveyor is a stand-alone unit.

  • Mostly used when the objective is to integrate the loop into a single operation.
  • Buffer solutions for various machines
  • Different size and shapes
  • Modular solution
  • Wide range of additional functions
  • Very compact footprint

Additional Equipment for pallet conveyor systems

Conveyor features

  • RFID traceability – Complete traceability of all manufactured components
  • Lift station – Get the right position for loading the machine
  • Shot-pin – Extra fixation for the pallet 
  • DMC reader – Data matric code reader can read multiple barcodes on image
  • Swing gate –  Get through the conveyor for cleaning and maintenance services
  • Track lift – Possibilities to lift a track to another level
  • Pallet turner – Turn a pallet on the conveyor
  • Part turner – Turn a workpiece before and after operation
  • Poka-Yoke –  A mechanism in a process to avoid mistakes and errors
  • Code reader – A ring code reader can scan your workpieces
  • Loading devices – Robots, gantries, portals, pick and place systems
  • Digital services – Connect your EWAB systems for data insights
  • Stations to your material flow line – Laser marking, SPC, washing etc
  • Pictures and videos of additional conveyor equipment at our Virtual Tour.
EWAB list station
Accurately align the workpiece using the Lifstation. ±0.1 mm.

Case Studies

Learn how conveyor automation can be a game changer. 

Add robot loading of machines to your conveyor system.

– Smart industrial automation

The size, shape and weight of the Workpiece is the main characteristics taken into consideration when designing your EWAB system solution.

Data insights that truly improve your manufacturing. Get reports of the lines. Takt time, cycle time, local efficiency, idle time of machines and much more.