From concept to Implementation

Collaboration is the key in industrial automation

Our extensive experience demonstrates that collaboration represents the optimal path toward achieving outstanding outcomes.
We embark on this journey together, meticulously strategizing the scope of your automation investment. Subsequently, we undertake the construction of the solution within our workshop, followed by the on-site commissioning phase.

Robot loading part on an EWAB conveyor

1. Concept creation & design

It all starts with an Idea!

As an experienced partner, we can quickly get the understanding of a customer’s requirements and ideas. We listen to your needs and start to get an overview of the production process, volume, philosophies, floor space, workpiece size, weights, and variants etc.

Our systems are the backbone of your production line, and no mather, if you have the material flow, robotics, safety, tech, ergonomics or maximized throughput in focus – We will collaborate to find a tailored solution to suit your company.

2. Project planning / Project Management

Let´s get started!

As soon as the scoop of the project is decided we start the project planning to make sure your investment project is on time, within budget and meets every performance expectation. We have experienced project managers that can lead and coordinate the project for the best possible outcome.

EWAB start-up
Assembly a robot cell

3. Construction / development / Build

The magic is happening in the project!

At the end you will get an engineered solution build on our modular system solutions. Within the project scope we create construction drawings and build up the solution and test it in our workshop. During this time small adjustment and development can be done.

4. Commissioning

Push the button!

Time for commissioning on site.
The implementation starts and we build up the solution at customer site, connect to machines and make the final tests.

During this phase, our expertise in project management becomes crucial. We assist in facilitating coordination among various on-site machine suppliers.

EWAB turnkey solution
Digital data collection

5. Line performance and reporting

Digital solutions!

We can visualize local efficiencies, micro stops, bottlenecks, and the overall performance of the system solution.

Did you know that Your Workpieces will spend 80 percent of their time in the production cycle in movement?
That´s just one of the reasons why our Material Flow Conveyor is so important for your throughput. With Smart Connected Services you can keep track of your production, monitoring, reporting and see the impact of the automated material flow.

6. Performance services

To ensure high performance and maximum efficiency of the EWAB line you need to take care of the system. Our service team are always ready to help.

EWAB Service kit