Automation & Integrations 

Automation solutions to your EWAB flow lines

Smart industrial automation

Improve your production capabilities with a state-of-the-art, fully automated pallet conveyor system from EWAB. 

Our rich history in conveyor automation projects, coupled with our proficiency in material flow and robotics, positions us as leaders in the field. 

In today’s manufacturing landscape, where smart industrial automation is increasingly pivotal for success, our expertise becomes your asset. 

Our deep understanding of automation projects, honed over years of experience, enables us to not only enhance the transportation of workpieces but also seamlessly integrate robots, gantry systems, and peripheral technologies into your investment projects. 

With EWAB, you gain more than just automation solutions; you partner with experts committed to refining and advancing your manufacturing processes through innovative, efficient, and tailored automation strategies.


EWAB turnkey solution
Just add machines to your automation project

Just add machines

The Just Add Machines (JAM) concept by The EWAB Group epitomizes the essence of a “Turnkey solution”. This innovative approach encompasses the entire spectrum of workpiece transport and the integration of robots, and peripheral technology.

Our expertise is readily available, whether for large-scale investment projects involving comprehensive support in workpiece flow logistics, project management, and system integrations, or for smaller conveyor automation endeavours focused on adding functionalities like Laser Marking or quality test stations to your existing EWAB flow line. 

We are equipped to handle both complex and modest projects, ensuring each receives our full attention and skill. With our support, your production needs, big or small, are expertly managed and enhanced.

Our objective is straightforward: you focus on adding machines, and we expertly handle the robotics and logistics bridging them. 

This approach is a testament to our commitment to smart industrial automation, where efficiency, integration, and innovation converge to enhance your manufacturing processes

Robot automation and processing machines