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Dom Galante Sales USA
Dom Galante

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Eastern timezone and Canada

+1 248 971 8387
Chris Bates
Chris Bates
Managing Director

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+34 93 587 24 59
US Project Centers

EWAB Engineering Inc, Chicago
1971 Kelley Court
Libertyville, IL 60048

EWAB US workshop
Spare parts and Services

EWAB USA is conveniently located in Libertyville, IL. Here you find the workshop, where we build up the automated conveyor solution. After testing and approval we ship the conveyor automation solution and peripherals to your production plant. Our professional team implement the solution, so you can start to manufacture new parts.

In Libertyville you will also find the project and service team, while our sales representative are located in different sales regions.

We have experiences from hundreds of project in USA and thousands of automation projects around the globe.

-We move every workpiece