EWAB workpiece carrier – medium size

CS200 are popular in many different industries for both assembly and manufacturing. 

It has a very wide area of usage. All from machining of parts to cars and trucks, to die casting, industrial components and/or assembly of heavier and more complex parts in production. 

When using an EWAB solution you will get exact position and orientation of the workpiece. This makes it easy for your robots or gantries to load the machines, or perform SPC control, laser marking and other operations on your parts. 

CS200 3D pump


By using a motor-driven chain (EWAB sequra), the pallet is transported forward through a carefully calculated friction

It has compact design and a high load capacity due to 4 plastic support rollers. The support rollers run on the aluminium profile. 

The length of the carrier can vary and due to the engineering design it has splendid curve performance. 

Takt-times are usually in the range of 10-15 sec and up to minutes. Buffer brake function and weights up to 100 kg.

The smart connected conveyor with it´s sensors, stops, circulation and buffer, make it a precise and fast transport with high throughput of parts. This popular size can be added on all from multi process flow lines to single cell solutions.

All our solutions are robust and made for though environments with chips and grinding dust.

More sizes

Pallet conveyor - Cross section

Our PS800 and PS810 are very popular for manufacturing in the automotive industry and for parts to gearboxes and e-motors.

Conveyor cross section

The CS900 carrier can handle engines, compressors, pumps and other large parts with weights up to 400kg.